To put it simply, SOOFIE is a completely stand-alone real-time leak detection system. Powered by the sun with enough battery backup to survive a week of thick overcast, it has onboard LTE (or 2.4Ghz WiFi) securely transmitting measurements to cloud-based servers for analysis. Best of all, SOOFIE protection can be had for less than the cost of your daily soft drink. Why are we so much less expensive than the competition? Search the scientific literature (or look at the publication section of our web page). We literally wrote the book on emissions quantification and we are exceedingly efficient at it. Whatever the tool, airplanes, UAVs or SOOFIE, one thing Scientific Aviation knows is how to measure the size of an emission source. In a nutshell, that’s what makes us different! Systems based on methane concentration will trigger false alarms when the wind dies or the atmospheric boundary layer collapses, leading to high methane measurements on the site. By combining sophisticated knowledge of the atmospheric boundary layer with the observed methane, we provide a leak rate measurement that is nearly immune to false positives.

Real -Time Dashboard

The SOOFIE dashboard is state-of-the-art! A regional map shows all sites, color coded by current methane emission relative to historical norms. Zoom in on the map to see which components on the site have been most frequently associated with high emission levels. Most important, SOOFIE actually uses multiple sensors to triangulate the probable emission source, so you don’t need to guess. To show you the dashboard, we have a demo account so you can sign in and see the fictitious “RadPad” owned by “RadOil”. Email or call and we can share the login info with you. Shown below is an example:

Google Earth Integration

If you’re the type that doesn’t want to trust the computer’s interpretation, click on the “Site Map” link in the dashboard to generate a KML file showing the location of both the SOOFIE sensors and facility components (e.g. tanks, wellheads, flares, etc.) on the site, along with the wind triangle showing the probable source area. Multiple KML files from different times can be opened simultaneously to look for overlaps (e.g. components that fall within multiple wind triangles). By using all of the information made available in the dashboard, and the email alerts, there is no longer the need for dispatching crews only to find everything in working order.

SOOFIE never sleeps, so you can find your leaks before someone else does
Please email to get a demo account and password
Just pennies per measurement, SOOFIE is the most cost-effective solution for leak detection



For our SOOFIE Installation Guide (Version 2.0) (September 2020) please click the link below to begin the Microsoft PowerPoint download.

SOOFIE Installation Guide PPT



For our SOOFIE Installation Guide (Version 2.0) (August 2021) please click the link below to begin the Adobe Acrobat download.

SOOFIE Installation Guide PDF



For our SOOFIE Installation Guide Video (Version 1.0) (March 2021) please click the link below.

SOOFIE Installation Guide Video


SOOFIE Dashboard User Guide PDF