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Scientific Aviation has committed to donate 100 flight hours per year to the community. We are looking for innovative proposals that will make a significant contribution if funded. In other words, new ideas with sound scientific backing will be the most likely to be funded. Proposals should be limited to two pages (plus graphics) and clearly communicate two elements: why this proposal matters to the scientific community and how it is likely to succeed. 

Program Goals


Fund new and high risk / high reward flights that may not otherwise get funded.


Help new-to-the field researchers gain sufficient experience in airborne field campaigns to submit competitive proposals to major funding organizations.


Assist organizations and agencies with emergency response when there is insufficient time to complete contracts.

Instruments available to measure:

Ability to carry other instruments – just ask!

Submit questions and proposals to:


Proposals are accepted year-round, with 3–5 projects funded per year. Selection is based upon project feasibility, scientific merit, and potential for cost-sharing. PI’s with little or no experience with airborne campaigns are encouraged to apply!

Application Guidelines

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