Our Mission

Our Mission

We support the global mission of combatting climate change by providing airborne measurements of greenhouse gases and pollutants to regulators, research institutions, industry participants and environmentally oriented groups. With our versatile fleet and responsive team we are able to provide objective scientifically vetted measurements FASTER than any other existing options, resulting in quicker identification and mitigation of fugitive emissions. As a science company we will steer clear of judgement and policy, we apply proven scientific principles to determine what IS happening while others are tasked with deciding IF it should be happening. We excel above others by retaining the very best people and, as a company, we commit to preserving the jobs of those who have joined us as long as they demonstrate the values and excellence consistent with our mission.

Our Vision

• To develop independent research teams capable of providing reliable emissions estimates within 24 hours on all 7 continents within the next 5 years.

• To become a single source for standardized, credible emissions measurements to governments, inter-governmental organizations (UN) and operators (energy producers) without bias or judgement.

• To build a team of healthy, loyal and capable individuals who can be trusted to work with prominent clients around the world.

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