Manned Aircraft

The Scientific Aviation manned fleet consists of four Mooney aircraft, each with slightly different features. These aircraft are highly versatile, exhibit excellent flight capabilities in a large range of environments, have low operating costs compared to larger aircraft, and are fully FAA certified. All of our Mooney aircraft feature advanced avionics and navigational systems, and can be customized with a scientific payload specific to your mission requirements.

2015 Mooney Acclaim

Victor Mike is the newest member of the Scientific Aviation fleet. A turbo-charged engine allows the Acclaim to climb to 25,000 ft, and boasts our fastest cruising speed of 242 kts.

2008 Mooney Ovation 3

Our Mooney Ovation 3 is capable of reaching altitudes as high as 20,000 ft MSL, cruises at 170 knots, and can stay aloft for over 7 hours. It is certified to fly in known icing conditions with its advanced TKS system.

2004 Mooney Ovation 2

Similar in performance to N617DH, this slightly older Mooney Ovation 2 has been used extensively for work in California. N334FL has the comfort of an air conditioning system for work on hot days. It does not have the ability to fly into icing conditions. The aircraft is capable of reaching altitudes as high as 20,000 ft MSL and cruises at 175 knots with over 7 hours of endurance.

1998 Mooney TLS Bravo

N2132X is the oldest aircraft in the fleet and has been the primary workhorse for Scientific Aviation for the past 8 years. A turbocharged engine allows the TLS to climb as high as 25,000 ft, and TKS icing protection enables flight into known icing conditions. At altitude, the TLS can cruise as fast as 185 kts TAS and can stay airborne for over 5 hours.