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Good-bye Norway. Hello Romania!

by Steve Conley After 26 days in-country, the Norway project is complete. Note to self– Don’t schedule projects in the rainiest city in Europe (Bergen, Norway) during the rainiest season of the year (Fall).  If you do, you might find yourself hiking in the rain because you just can’t fly.  On the bright side, I…
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Bound for a Land Down Under

As the latest installment in a series of scientific pursuits across the globe, Scientific Aviation is taking to the skies of Australia. Chelsea Stockwell, lead drone scientist, will use our drones outfitted with in-situ analyzers to measure methane emissions at energy production facilities. Australia ranks third in the world for contributions to global carbon emissions,…
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A Small Airplane Makes a Long Journey Across the Atlantic for the Sake of Methane

By Chelsea Thompson and Peggy Mullin From the Arctic tundra to the tropics of Mexico, from Los Angeles to Long Island, Stephen Conley and the pilots and scientists at Scientific Aviation have tracked and measured air pollution throughout North America using their fleet of light aircraft. For the last ten years, Scientific Aviation has filled…
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Scientific Aviation Completes Its First International Drone Project

For the first time, Scientific Aviation has gone global! As part of a methane monitoring partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Steve Conley (CEO) and Chelsea Stockwell (lead drone scientist) travelled overseas to Ukraine at the beginning of June. The mission involved carting both scientists and equipment halfway around the world, including…
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Scientific Aviation Named a 2019 Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

  Scientific Aviation, an airborne atmospheric research company headquartered in Boulder and lead by founder and CEO Steve Conley, was one of fifty Colorado-based companies selected as winners of the 2019 Colorado Companies to Watch award.  The Sci Av team was amongst the winners honored at a masquerade-themed gala last night at the Marriott Denver…
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A Look Back on Aliso Canyon

With the long-awaited independent investigation report into the root causes behind the 2015 blowout at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility being released just recently, it is perhaps timely to take a brief look back on the event that became the largest single natural gas leak in U.S. history. Most people have, at one time…
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