Author: Peggy Mullin

Bringing Science to the Community

Like the saying goes, creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and that rings true for almost all scientific innovation. That 99% of hard work means long hours at the lab, working through data and trying new solutions again and again until something sticks. But what happens when you finally succeed? Who do you tell…
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California’s methane emissions investigated in new collaborative study

The results of a new Nature paper co-authored by Scientific Aviation CEO Steve Conley, PhD., reveal surprising truths about California’s methane emissions. Five emissions quantification campaigns were conducted from 2016 to 2018, with Scientific Aviation flights comprising the airborne point-source component of the project. Over the course of this campaign, only about 10 percent of…
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Yale Environment 360 Profiles Drone-Based Platform

In just a few short years, Colorado’s front range has emerged as the national hub for innovation in methane sensing technology. As a Boulder-based company, we are proud to be a part of that movement, along with our colleagues at Quanta 3 Innovation and LongPath Technologies, Inc. “We’re not here just to make money. We’re…
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Next Stop: Romania

All great science relies on collaboration. Whether it’s teamwork within your company or collaboration with groups from across the globe, scientific advancement hinges on people coming together with the mutual belief that no question is too big to answer. That collaborative spirit is the driving force behind Romanian Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas, or…
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Scientific Aviation featured on the blog

Our work requires fast, reliable, and accurate equipment, making our Picarro analyzers a key component of the atmospheric work we do. Check out the link below to see our blog post featured on the Picarro website!

Bound for a Land Down Under

As the latest installment in a series of scientific pursuits across the globe, Scientific Aviation is taking to the skies of Australia. Chelsea Stockwell, lead drone scientist, will use our drones outfitted with in-situ analyzers to measure methane emissions at energy production facilities. Australia ranks third in the world for contributions to global carbon emissions,…
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A Small Airplane Makes a Long Journey Across the Atlantic for the Sake of Methane

By Chelsea Thompson and Peggy Mullin From the Arctic tundra to the tropics of Mexico, from Los Angeles to Long Island, Stephen Conley and the pilots and scientists at Scientific Aviation have tracked and measured air pollution throughout North America using their fleet of light aircraft. For the last ten years, Scientific Aviation has filled…
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